Kansas City, MO drivers are safest when their tires are properly balanced and pressurized. Traveling around on tires that are either over or under-inflated can result in disaster. At Mainstreet Buick GMC of Kansas City, we want locals to know exactly why.

Too Much or Too Little Air Will Diminish Handling and Control

Whether your tires have insufficient air or too much, you aren't going to enjoy optimum handling and control. Under-inflated tires have greater contact with the ground. This extra friction increases heat and wears tires down quickly. Not only are you at an elevated risk of experiencing a blowout with an under-inflated tire, but you'll also feel your steering wheel pulling to one side.

With too much air in your tires, there's far less contact between the tire and the ground. This means less friction, longer stopping distances, and greatly diminished control. While you might be in the habit of filling low tires up on your own, it's always best to take an air pressure reading before you get back on the road.

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