If you have ever noticed your vehicle's exterior paint begin to deteriorate during the winter months, then road salt corrosion may be to blame. If you want to prevent this situation from occurring, then we at Mainstreet Buick GMC of Kansas City would like to share a few helpful tips to protect your car from salt corrosion.

After driving through Kansas City, it is quite possible that your vehicle has gathered some road salt on its surface. Removing it quickly is the key to preventing corrosion. This is why washing your car regularly can help to prevent corrosion. Instead of just washing your vehicle, waxing it will give you even more protection, as the salt will not be able to harm your car's paint job without first penetrating the layer of wax.

How you store your car can also reduce the risk of salt corrosion. Garages and durable car covers are great for shielding vehicles from harm, and you should be taking advantage of them.


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